Enclosures for electronic systems:
standard products overview, consulting, design, development

Here is about enclosures for electronic systems.
On our website you can find a catalog of standard metal and plastic enclosures available on the market.  We have compiled a portfolio of standard products from more than 20 manufacturers of enclosures for instrumentation, communications, industrial automation and medical technology.  The catalogue helps you find an enclosure for different environmental conditions.  Our data base includes enclosures for wearable devices, wall-mounted and desk, indoor and outdoor applications.


The information on enclosures is structured based on size, material and application.  Selection guide allows to find a solution for special requirements.  For each product group, our «SORBUS Selector» helps to evaluate and compare enclosures with the required dimensions from different manufacturers.


Standard cases are only the basis for a solution.  We offer complete project development.  You will receive a complete solution including placement of power supply elements, connectors, display, switches and more.  Please take advantage of our experience.


The enclosure determines the attractiveness and success of a product.  Therefore, our solutions include the design and layout of the system based on the various available technologies.

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