Aluminium profile enclosures 170 x 50 mm

Standard universal aluminium profile enclosures with dimensions within W × H = 170 × 50 mm are developed for 160 mm cards  for handheld, desktop and wall-mounting devices are used for indoor applications, protection up to IP54. The aluminium cases with heat sink on the top part designed for power electronic system and provide effective heat dissipation. The profile length can be adjusted according to the requirements of the design.

All the dimensions are in mm.

Nearest neighbors:

Part number Image Width Height Type Front/end panels Max PCB width Max height inside IP max Comment
1 AKG 165 42 Fischer Elektronik AKG 165 42 aluprofile housing for eurocards 160 mm 165 42 P2
Aluplates 160 38 Black or natural anodised profile; 7 PCB guides
2 AKG 165 42K Fischer Elektronik AKG 165 42K aluprofile with heat sink top part 165 42 P2
Aluplates 160 34 Heat sink fins on top of the profile, black or natural anodised finishing, 7 PCB guides
3 AKG 165 42L Aluprofile box for indoor wall-mounted units, designed for 160 mm eurocards 165 / 190 42,5 P2
Aluplates 160 38 Integrated flanges bottom part along the profile, black or natural anodised finishing, 7 PCB guides
4 AKG 165 46 Fischer Elektronik AKG 165 46 aluprofile universal case for eurocards 160 mm 165 46 P2
Aluplates 160 42 Black or natural anodised profile; 8 PCB guides
5 Smart-Terminal Robust aluprofile extruded housing with ASA+PC-FR plastic front/end panels 170 50 P3
ASA+PC-FR plastic with recession or aluplates 165 40,3 IP54 Optional case canting kit for inclined (12°)mounting of the enclosure
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Extruded aluprofile boxes with plastic and aluminium lids
Two half-shalls case with aluplates
Extruded aluprofile housing with plastic covers
PCB fived in aluprofile enclosure