Aluminium profile enclosures 50 x 30 mm

Standard aluminium enclosures, based on extruded profiles are listed below.  The length of the profile can be easily changed, making it possible to obtain an enclosure of any depth.

Different types of profiles with external dimensions within W × H = 50 × 30 mm. The enclosures are designed for wearable devices, compact wall-mounting systems, indoor and outdoor applications, up to IP68 protection. All the dimensions are in mm.

Part number Image Width Height Type Front/end panels Max PCB width Max height inside IP max Comment
1 F420 Bopla Filotec 420 41,6 20,4 P2
Aluplates 36,8 16 IP40 Recessed area top and bottom
2 Minitekal Miniature metal housing for electronics 42,25 22 P1
Stamped aluminium or double-moulded (ABS+TPU) 39 19,4 Powder coated profile with 5 PCB guides
3 1455D Hammond aluminium profile case 42,5 23 P1
Polycarbonate flat; aluplate with plastic bezel or flanged 39 20 IP54 Black, blue or red anodized finish available
4 AKG 41 24 FischerElektronik AKG 41 24 metal box for D-Sub connector, Aluminium klein Gehäuse 41,3 24 P2
Aluplates flanged, flat or flat with plastic frame 37,3 20 Natural or black anodised profile, 3 PCB guides, designed for D-Sub 15-pins connectors.
5 F424 Bopla Filotec 424 metal case for connectors 41,6 24,4 P2
Aluplates 36,8 20 IP40 Recessed area top and bottom
6 ARPM 45/27 Bopla ARPM 45/27 cover profile for DIN rail housing 45 28,1 P4
Flat plastic panels designed to be fixed on another panel 41,5 20,9 IP40 Designed as a top cover for DIN rail enclosures Alurail
7 AW5-3 Tachachi AW, AWA, AWN heat sink cases 50 30 P1
Aluplate or die cast aluminium flat or flanged 38,5 22,5 IP68 Silver anodized profile with heat-sink fins left and right sides, recessed area top and bottom
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Heat dissipating extruded aluminum enclosure
Miniature extruded aluminum housing
Miniature extruded aluminum casing
Takachi AW heat dissipating box