Aluminium profile enclosures 70 x 40 mm

Standard aluminium enclosures, based on extruded profiles are listed below.  The length of the profile can be easily changed, making it possible to obtain an enclosure of any depth.

Just a couple of profiles with cross section W × H = 70 × 40 mm. The universal aluminium enclosures are to be used for handheld, desktop and wall-mount indoor application. All the dimensions are in mm.

Part number Image Width Height Type Front/end panels Max PCB width Max height inside IP max Comment
1 AKG 69 32 Fischer Elektronik AKG 69 32 metal casing for D-Sub 50 connectors 69,1 32 P2
Aluplates flat or flanged 65,1 28 Black or natural anodised profile; 5 PCB guides; designed for 50-pin D-Sub connector
2 MX4-7-x Takachi MXA2-10, MX2-10 extrusion case for mobile, wearable, multimedia, wireless, interface applications 69,5 34,5 P2
Flat aluplates; flat with recession from ABS UL94 HB 59,5 31,4 Silver, black anodised profile with 4 PCB guides. Silicone bond as accessories
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The data are taken from catalogs and webpages of the manufacturers. Please check dimensions and other parameters before starting the project.  We would be glad if you  tell us  about any errors you notice.
Slim round edge metal electronic enclosures based on extruded aluminium profile
Slim round edge design electronic enclosure based on extruded aluminium profile
Round edge metal electronic enclosures with battery compartment