CEAREP 55 series Aluminium profile enclosures

The table displays the standard aluminium enclosures, based on extruded profilesIt allows to get any length of the enclosures you want.

Universal enclosure based on aluminium extruded profile with plastic front/rear panels. Can be used for handheld, desk or wall-mount application. The serie is based on three aluminium extruded profiles with cutouts W × H = 80 × 22, 100 × 32 and 120 × 42 mm.

On the table below are shown standard kits available from stock. All the dimensions are in mm.

Black Grey Length Width Height
1 CEAREPB01 CEAREPG01 130 82 27
2 CEAREPB02 CEAREPG02 160 82 27
3 CEAREPB03 CEAREPG03 160 102 37
4 CEAREPB04 CEAREPG04 190 102 37
5 CEAREPB05 CEAREPG05 190 122 47
6 CEAREPB06 CEAREPG06 220 122 47

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Aluprofile–enclosures  image gallery:
Takachi aluminium enclosure ex serie
Extruded aluminium hand case
Takachi AWN aluminium case
Extruded aluminium profile for Bopla Alubos