DIN-rail enclosures 12M width

The table below displays the standard plastic DIN-rail enclosures 12M (approx. 212 mm) wide. The cases are designed for mounting on standard DIN EN 60715 TH35 rail and can be used for industrial and building automation systems, sensors, power supply and communication units.

All the dimensions are in mm.

Nearest neighbors:

width 9M 12M 15M
9M width
12 series
15M width
1 serie
mm 160 213 267
Serie Type Width Height Depth Material Comment
1 Rail MB D3
210 90 58 PC UL94-V0
2 Mobilbox XT D1, D2, D3
210 90 58 PC / PPO UL94 V-0
3 CNMB/12 D3
212,1 90 58 PC UL94-V0
4 Railbox C D3
212,1 90 58 PC UL94 V-0
5 Rail DB D3
211,8 90 58 PC UL94 V-0
6 Mobilbox XT D1, D2, D3
213 110 62 PC/ABS UL94 V-0
7 Mobilbox XTS D1, D2, D3
213 91 62 PC/ABS UL94 V-0
8 XTS Compact D4
212,5 90 31,9 PC/ABS UL94 V-0
9 Mobilbox XT PLC D5
213 110 53,3 PC/ABS UL94 V-0

See also the DIN-rail profile enclosures which allow to build an enclosure any width.

See also the Adapters for DIN-rail used to fix an universal enclosure on DIN-rail.

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