Panel-mount enclosures 288 x 144 mm

The table displays the standard panel-mount enclosures for electronic systems. The cases are designed typically for analog and digital control systems and displays. The enclosures are compatible with control panel cut-outs acc. to DIN IEC 61554. Below you find the groups of enclosures for the cutout W × H = 288 × 144 mm. Most groups have cases of varying depths.

All the dimensions are in mm.   The standard color is black.

Part number Varients of depth Material Comment
1 445-/441-serie 60,5 / 82,5 PPE/PS-GF20 Front and rear panels, front transparent door, sealings, DIN-rail adapter are available; PCB guides on 4 sides
2 443-x3x 200 / 260 sheet steel / PC / PPE/PS-GF20 With 19“ plug-in system acc. to IEC 60297-3-101; HP=54; for installing eurocards of 100 x 160 mm and 100 x 220 mm; version with transparent door is available
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